23rd September 2016

Sport Partner discusses the real cost to athletes of the WADA hack in Athletics Weekly

By Matthew Pryke

In his article, Matthew considers the most likely concern for athletes, aside from the distress and public scrutiny, is likely to be the potential negative impact on sponsorship arrangements.

Whether this most recent disclosure will impact on commercial arrangements is unlikely to be known until the athletes seek to renew and/or seek new arrangements with brands. Clearly this disclosure is negative, whether it ultimately leads to loss of commercial revenue is currently unknown. If it does it would seem likely athletes will be forced to bring actions whether in line with the Standard, the Data Protection Act or otherwise as part of a claim for breach of confidential information.

There is no doubt the protection and security of personal data is challenging and a challenge not unique to sports organisations. However given the news worthy nature of sports and the sports people who take part the potential consequences of security breaches and the financial and reputational costs associated with such breaches make this a crucial issue which athletes and sporting organisations must address.

Please see a copy of Athletics Weekly, 22nd September 2016,  for the full article or contact Matthew Pryke to discuss this matter.


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