15th November 2017

Triumph for Hamlins’ Defamation Team as Nigel Farage retracts false political smear against Hope not Hate

By Christopher Hutchings

Good News! Nigel Farage formally withdrew his false claims against Hope not Hate, the anti-extremism pressure group. 

He acknowledged that Hope not Hate does not tolerate or pursue violent or undemocratic behaviour and he would not repeat the claim or let anyone do so on his behalf.

Hope not Hate instructed Simon Gallant at Hamlins, and Anthony Hudson QC and Lorna Skinner of Matrix Chambers as their legal advisors for the libel action. Simon Gallant was assisted by Hamlins’ associate Elizabeth McClenan.

The libel case had been expected be heard at a High Court later this week. However following many hours of face to face negotiation between the legal parties, Farage filed a statement with the High Court and retracted his political smear.

Hamlins’ Defamation and Reputation Management lawyer Simon Gallant, comments

 “Hope not Hate is a long standing client of mine and justice quite rightly has prevailed. I hope the outcome sends a strong message – particularly to those in the public eye  –  to think about the repercussions of making false and damaging claims against an individual or organisation.”


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